Argentum Law Empowering Startups

Argentum Law empowers startups with their legal needs

Empowering startups and early stage ventures is central to Argentum Law’s DNA.  We love to work with entrepreneurs who need legal advisors who understand their business model, are sensitive to their cash constraints and can provide the support they need to grow from the embryonic stage of a business idea to a viable, well-funded and protected business that can change the world.

Having started out as an early stage venture ourselves and given how the lean startup model is deeply ingrained in our own founding philosophy, Argentum Law is uniquely placed to empower startups. We are keen to provide a strong level of support and attention to entrepreneurs when they need it most - when they are putting roots into the ground so that their ventures can be best placed to take off and scale.

Depending on our clients’ needs, Argentum Law can act as a dedicated in-house legal department and strategic advisor.  Our start up clients typically use Argentum’s legal support to assist with corporate structuring and licensing, drafting of various terms and conditions and online related policies, drafting and negotiation of software development agreements and general legal advice on an ad-hoc basis.

We also collaborate with startup hubs such as AstroLabs, a widely recognized organization in the UAE providing startups with licensing, work-spaces and access to relevant workshops and seminars.  We have been actively supporting AstroLab companies through Argentum’s Legal Labs where we offer workshops, mentorship and dedicate team members who act as general counsel, devoting time and attention to each businesses needs.  

In addition to AstroLabs, we have teamed up with WamdaX, a grant-based programme for motivated start up founders. We support their fellows by providing legal mentorship, access to our attorneys and subject matter experts globally.

If you are a startup looking for the right lawyers to take on the world with, contact us today.  We look forward to meeting you!

Argentum Law’s Irreverent Origins… A Reimagining of Legal Services

Argentum Law, Our Origins

This is an irreverent story… a bit like us at Argentum Law.  Like every great superhero, Argentum has an origin story.  In our version of the archetypal laboratory accident, take one part white shoe law firm practitioner and one part seasoned career general counsel, a perfect balance of East and West peppered with New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Mumbai and Dubai experiences all jammed into a test tube and...


It grew from a meeting over coffee and eclairs in a cafe about what was wrong with the legal industry and how to be better and happier lawyers.  From there, we put ourselves to work on the best way to re-align interests in a broken and inherently unfair legal industry.

We went back to basics of what we loved about our work.  We loved feeling vested with our clients, and a part of their team and forming part of their "strategic mind”.  We crafted a fee structure that heavily emphasized the role of the working attorney, acknowledged the roles of originators and stripped fees down to the bare minimum.  

No frills lawyering.  
Passing on the savings to our clients.  
Being a part of their team.    
Focusing on quality.  

Central to our goal was truly loving what our clients do and being as enthusiastic as they are for their own success.  We have a practice at Argentum Law where we spend hours free of charge just learning the business model of our clients and understanding their pain points.  

From that coffee meeting in 2015, fast forward four years later.  We are now functioning in three continents.  We have lawyers and solo practitioners associated with us between Toronto, New York, Houston, London and the UAE.  No marketing budget - just pure, unadulterated organic growth and word of mouth of our clients.  Our clients now include internationally listed corporates to startups disrupting their industries and making headlines.  Our lawyers are internationally mobile, working out of co-working locations around the world for our clients, with the firm being accessible around the clock given our intercontinental reach.  

We are international general counsel supercharged with special expertise in various high growth sectors and regions of the world - a combination of the type of lawyer we believe will be the future “super-lawyers” of the world:  Commercially-minded, strategically driven lawyers that combine the broad issue-spotting superpowers of a seasoned general counsel as well as the piercing insight that can only come from the special expertise honed by each of our lawyers in their relevant industries, markets and regions.  

Ultimately, what started from riffing on how to be better and happier lawyers turned into a proven method to make our own clients better, happier and more successful.  

Not all heroes wear capes.  Some work out of a WeWork in Paris chugging jugs of coffee to keep up with a document deadline for a Phoenix-based client while balancing emergency calls with a Cape Town-based client for HR matters and overseeing local counsel in Singapore for a ground breaking M&A transaction.

This is an irreverent story, but for us a little irreverence is exactly what the global legal industry needs.