Are you...

  • More than just a lawyer?

  • Craving freedom and an opportunity for a better lifestyle?

  • Entrepreneurial and consciously building your future?

  • Seeking to develop a closer relationship with your clients?

  • Pursuing independence while being a creative contributor as part of a community?

  • Passionate about technology and innovation?

  • Value-driven and compassionate?

  • A diligent and experienced lawyer?

Ready to embrace your future in law?

Argentum Law was founded on the philosophy of leveraging virtual offices, technology and online solutions to be the trusted advisor for our clients wherever they are in the world.  We stripped away all that is unnecessary from the practice of law so that we can focus on our clients at affordable rates.

Why Argentum Law?

  • Work anywhere

  • Clients you love

  • No &!@%$

  • Just plain old-fashioned lawyering

If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you!

Please send your name, email and resume to

n interview hosted by Beyond Billable Hours with Argentum Law's founders talking about the origins of Argentum Law, our philosophy and innovative approach to lawyering.