Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers have advised on commercial leases across the Middle East, Europe and North America, including prominent restaurant locations, areas within hotel projects and mixed use facilities. Additionally the team can advise on purchase or sale of commercial properties by leveraging our extensive international network.

  •  Commercial leasing transaction for a New York based restaurant franchise.
  •  Industrial leasing transaction for a leading food production company.
  • Structuring of holiday home leasing business between the United States and the Middle East.

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Joint Ventures

In considering a joint venture, you need to be advised by strategic and business-minded lawyers who have deep experience to identify opportunities and protect you from pitfalls, to ensure the success and longevity of your venture. We have advised on joint ventures across the technology, F&B, retail, healthcare, agricultural and other sectors.


Whether it be a merger, an acquisition (by purchase or sale of assets or equity stakes), a divestiture or simply a strategic investment, our M&A lawyers have marquee deal experience across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East cutting across retail, technology, healthcare and other industries.

Franchising and Licensing

Whether it be licensing a technology platform or a wellness or retail brand all the way through to franchising of global restaurant concepts, our franchising and licensing team is experienced in helping our clients expand their global footprint and monetize their most treasured assets in novel and creative ways by ensuring a steady stream of royalties from other regional and international markets.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Our IP specialists harness the power and value of intellectual property, advising our clients in all manner of IP related transactions, whether it involves IP due diligence or development of intellectual property portfolio strategies through to transfers, assignments and negotiation of value generating licenses.

International Corporate Structuring

Our advisors think strategically and holistically in facilitating your international corporate structure with use of holding structures and operational entities, doing a deep dive into your business goals to evaluate and recommend a bespoke corporate structure that best protects your equity, stakeholders, intellectual property, tax efficient positioning and allows your business to operate in alignment with international best practices for your industry.


Whether you are a boot-strapping founder, or a start-up seeking seed funding through to successive rounds of fund raising with ever more sophisticated investors through to venture capital, our investment success-focused lawyers have your back. There is nothing we enjoy more than guiding our start-up clients to fund-raising success and global domination – from idea genesis to scaling to global markets.

Project Development and Finance

Whether it be a natural gas plant in Nova Scotia, energy utilities from Pennsylvania to Pakistan, to a leading university in the United Arab Emirates and securitized financing of toll roads in the Middle East, our lawyers have advised on award-winning project financing transactions across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, advising financial institutions, projects sponsors and principals.

Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers have advised on commercial leases across the Middle East, Europe and North America, including prominent restaurant locations, areas within hotel projects and mixed use facilities. Additionally the team can advise on purchase or sale of commercial properties by leveraging our extensive international network.

Distributed Ledger Technology Transactions

Whether your application or platform involves an e-commerce element, a crypto-token issuance or a use case involving blockchain and distributed ledger technology, our digital economy lawyers are on hand to advise on fast-changing regulations across the globe finding creative solutions, leveraging our strong international network and taking time to understand your technology and the legal implications of its operation.

Hospitality Management

Our team of hospitality industry experts have worked with hotel and brand owners, developers and operators across the US, Europe and the Middle East, providing turn key solutions by advising on construction agreements, operator agreements, licenses, smart technology vendor contracts through to negotiation with hotel aggregator platforms.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

We specialize in strategic representation to clients in a pre-dispute phase, assessing likelihood of success, cost and timelines, as well as guiding clients cost and time efficiently through formal litigation and arbitration claims leveraging our strong network of global litigation and arbitration lawyers. Our lawyers are focused on cost efficient, strategic and practically enforceable solutions to disputes from the early contracting stage through to actual enforcement of contractual claims.

General Counsel Services

We stand ready to support your executive, management and in-house legal teams with overseeing, identifying and resolving day-to-day legal issues in all departments as well as supporting you on corporate governance, business policy and training.

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Industry Expertise

We offer unparalleled access to top-tier advisers skilled in interfacing with C-suite corporate executives and high-level government officials, leading senior level ‘high stakes’ negotiations, structuring innovative deals, managing disputes and drafting, rolling out and monitoring compliance programs in a myriad of industries.

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We know how critical it is for a business to effectively reach its customers. As vital as choosing what to sell, is deciding how to sell it. Most companies spend a huge amount of time and resources identifying the most appropriate route-to-market (“RTM”) or go-to-market strategy. In the end, an effective strategy is one that puts the product/service in front of the customer incurring the lowest possible costs and in the lowest possible time. However, the cracks only show when the route-to-market strategy is executed and its implementation complicates the pre-supposed simple model.

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The inability to meet one’s financial obligations as they become due is a challenging, but unfortunately, not uncommon occurrence. In December 2016, the UAE put in place a legal framework under Federal Law Decree No. 9 of 2016 on Bankruptcy (the “Bankruptcy Law”), which provides for several avenues to address severe financial challenges and hopefully avoid bankruptcy and liquidation. One such noteworthy avenue is a Preventive Composition. Through this route, depending on the extent of indebtedness, timely intervention may enable the debtor to regain or salvage its financial footing by applying

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